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International Saray for Oriental Culture

Prof Dr Hassan Khalil

ISOC Program Schedule 2015

We are happy to annouce soon the new academic, scientistic and artistic training and study progam in ISOC, the International Saray for Oriental Culture in Cairo, Egypt. During the year ISOC and its teachers are available for private classes, one-to-one, group classes, and dance journeys. 

ISOC Course Overview:

Technical Trainings and Foundations Courses

20 h of dance training ; 3 days with in todal 8 h dance techniques and 12 hrs choreography workshop in : classical, folkloric, popular Oriental dance

Training in modern, classical and folkloric Oriental dance techniques, individual expression and performance.

Students have the opportunity to learn and perform Middle Eastern Dance repertoire as a part of the dance concerts held once a year.

Performance Courses : Professional Courses

Learning Middle Eastern/ Oriental Dance Repertoire. Rehearsal and performance of original works for ISOC concerts and other engagements, representing a diverse variety of cultural and theatrical dances.

Culminating all elements of dance concert production: choreography, rehearsal, performance, publicity/marketing, audience development, management, technical production and design, etc

Teacher Training Courses -

Level 1 - AWARD: Elementary Teacher for Middle Eastern Dance

Level 2 - CERTIFICATE : Specialty Teacher in Middle Eastern Dance and Egyptian Folklore

Choreographer Courses - Qualified Choreographer in Middle Eastern Dance and Egyptian Folklore

Choreographers employ ceative and original styles for dance moves and perfromances expanding artistic skills, including

  • Music Analysis
  • Dance Notations
  • Improvisation
  • Choreographic process

Pedagogy - Specialty teacher for Middle Eastern Dance and Egyptian Folklore

Creative Movement for Children, based on Oriental Dance —In depth exploration into teaching dance for children in,studio setting, including elementary dance, stories, natures and so on.. Students will gain practical experience in planning and teaching lessons in the classroom

Elementary Oriental Dance Pedagogy
— with practical methods of teaching classical Oriental Dance and Egyptian Folk Dance technique at the beginning level including syllabus material, planning/construction of lessons and exercises, demonstration/correction, working with an accompanist, etc.

Advanced Oriental Dance Pedagogy —Academic and practical methods of teaching modern and theatrical Oriental dance technique at the advanced level including syllabus material, planning/construction of lessons and exercises, demonstration/correction, working with an accompanist, new trends in dance and education

Theatre and Stage Craft - Stage manager

Concepts and practices in the visual arts of the theatre, studio processes and technical production, and elementary work in

theatre and stage production, including

  • Stage Management
  • Costume,
  • Sound and Light
  • Back stage operations
  • Event management
  • Practical experience on the ISOC Dance Concert production running crew.

History - Oriental and Middle Eastern Dances through its times

  • History of classical Oriental Dance from its origins through the ages, starting from the primitive men over the pharaonic times to the late Middle Ages and the early Renaissance.
  • History of modern Oriental Dance of the 20th century starting from the Golden era of the Oriental Dance and the Egyptian Musical comedies