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International Saray for Oriental Culture

Prof Dr Hassan Khalil

ISOC International Teacher Training Certificate Course in Middle Eastern / Oriental Dance and Egyptian Folklore

Become a Middle Eastern / Oriental Dance Teacher with qualification and certificate and follow the International Dancer and Teacher Training in Middle Eastern/ Oriental / Egyptian dance and Folklore under the direction of Prof Dr Hassan Khalil, living legend and encylopedia . Prof Khalil was head of the department for Theatre , Drama and Folklore at the Academy of Art in Cairo and is supervising until now various disseratation in this field.

Don't miss to qualify yourself through the immense and vaste knowledge and experience of Prof Dr Hassan Khalil.

In general

As we have international students, the main course language is English, but we can offer help in translation to French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian and other languages more. The langauge should not be a problem to study with Prof Dr Hassan Khalil, dance is a language by itself through the body of the female dancer.

The trainings courses are designed primarily for teachers and future teachers, but they are as well open for all dancers who like to deepen and widen her knowledge and skill-ness in this art form.

The Teacher trainings course are devided in 2 levels: Teacher Award (Level 1) with 100 h of training and homestudies and the Teacher Certificate (Level 1 and Level 2) with 180 h. Each Level is composed by 3 Units with 20 h of teaching plus 1 day microteaching and plus the showcase for level 2. You can attend the entire course program or also only some units with an attestationof participation.

The Teacher trainings courses are containing

Dance –history, -technique, -theory, -styles

Music –history, -instruments, -rhythm

Choreography sciences and stagecraft

Training for teaching, dancing, performing, improvisation

and choreographies in classical, modern or folkloric Oriental dance

(8 choreographies per level )

CD and DVD with all music and choreographies will be provided.

Possible to make the exams and the optional certification show in Cairo and to combine with a dance study tour in Egypt

from Nuba to the Nile Delta and from Eastern Desert to Sinai. (optional)

After attending the level 1 with 100h you will get the Award in Teaching Middle Eastern Dance and Egyptian Folklore.

The certificate " Specialty Teacher for Middle Eastern/ Orientall Dance and Egyptian Folklore" will be issued by Prof Dr Hassan Khalil, after attending attending both training courses ( level 1 and level 2) and passing the exams: oral and written exams, teaching pactise, music analysis, presentation of the research, completig the take home exams and performance.

The Certificate issued by Prof Dr Dr Hassan Khalil, full professor at the Academic of Art in Gizah, Cairo, will be international recognised.