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International Saray for Oriental Culture

Prof Dr Hassan Khalil

About Prof. Dr. Hassan Khalil

Hassan Khalil lived in the time of the great oriental dancers and with some of them he lived in neighbourhood, like Naima Akeef, Samia Gamal, Tahiya Karioka, He worked with them like he worked with Nagua Fuad and Suheir Saki and many other famous dancers. He is the Master teacher and choreographer for many of the most well known Oriental dancers all over the world. He was director at the Balloon Theatre, general director of the Oum Kalsoum Theatre in Cairo and as well general supervisor for folklore in the ministry of culture in Egypt. He is founder of the famous Folk dance group, the National Ensemble of Egypt. Hassan Khalil is a real academic professor, he is teaching at the department “acting and directing” of the Academy of Dramatic & Theatrical Arts in Cairo. Professor Dr. Hassan Khalil is known as pleasant and competent teacher and comes for more than 20 years during term holidays to Europe in order to further admit the love for the Middle Eastern Dance here. Quotation: "The Oriental Dance is a special expression of the female body. I like to give women a kind of framework of the dance, but I leave it up to everyone, due to this foundation to develop her artistic”

about Prof Dr Hassan Khalil