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International Saray for Oriental Culture

Prof Dr Hassan Khalil

ISOC Cultural Dance Tours from Dancers for Dancers

You like to visit Egypt, the homeland of the Oriental dance with its different places of origin, then you are on the right place with the right persons in ISOC for your journey through Egypt, a dance and culture tour made from dancers to dancers.

Topics of the journeys:

-Visiting the historical places of the ancient and modern Egypt

- Shopping to the best tailors for Oriental dance costumes

- Dance classes with the master teachers in Egyptian Oriental Dance

- Shows with the best Oriental Dancers and Tanoura dancers

- Egyptian food, experience a new taste

- Beach holidays at the Red Sea

- Visiting the places of origin of the Egyptian Folk dances

  • from Nuba to the Nile Delta
  • from the Western Desert to the Red Sea

- and so on...........

You are welcome as individual dancer, with friends and / or with your dance group / dance school.

You wish to have your own individualised programme for dance classes/ training and/ or cultural programme, don't hesitate to contact us, together with our tour operator in Cairo, we are at your service to arrange for you unforgettable stays in Egypt, tailor-made for your belongings and wishes from dancers for dancers.

We are looking forward to welcome you in ISOC - Ahlan Wa Sahlan